FoodHost Garlic Stamp™ - Toy Hut
FoodHost Garlic Stamp™ - Toy Hut
FoodHost Garlic Stamp™ - Toy Hut
FoodHost Garlic Stamp™ - Toy Hut
FoodHost Garlic Stamp™ - Toy Hut

FoodHost Garlic Stamp™

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Excellent and highly functional garlic press making it a convenient and time-saving kitchen gadget. Its non-slipping silicone, rubber handle, and scraper help to smash and peel garlic without a hassle and mess. It is easy to wash and clean in just a few seconds, as it is dishwasher-safe.


Ergonomic Design- Designed with an ergonomic handle, easy to use with a comfortable grasp. Even people with a weak grip or wrist discomfort can also squeeze garlic quickly and conveniently.

Easy to Wash and Clean-  It can be easily and thoroughly cleaned through handwash or dishwasher. It can be spotlessly neat and clean in just a few seconds! There is no need for extra hard work in washing.

Never Gets Rust- As the garlic press was made from stainless steel, rusting has no space for this excellent garlic press. It can be used as long as it can.

Premium Quality Stainless Steel- It is made of premium quality stainless steel, carefully selected and assembled to create a high-quality garlic press for the use of every cook.

Durable and Resistant- Pressing too hard or mincing a lot of garlic? Yes, garlic press can resist it all! It is highly durable and sturdy, even with 100% pressing power and 100x garlic pressing.


Saves Time and Labor- Peeling and smashing garlic is extra labor in cooking. It gives an uncomfortable and stinky feeling on hands every time. But with a garlic press saves tremendous time and effort and saves hands from the sticky and stinky feeling of garlic cloves.

Practical Use- It gives the comfort of peeling and smashing and peeling garlic and saves time and effort. And also, it is not limited to garlic, but also other spices like ginger. 

No Wasted Bits of Garlic- Mincing garlic into very tiny pieces is challenging. It sticks to fingers, to kitchenwares and sometimes flew and drop to the ground making kitchen spaces untidy. 


Non-Slipping Silicone and Rubbered Handle-  The handle is made thoughtfully, so it has non-slipping silicone and rubbered handle to make it easier and comfortable to grasp. It is soft for the skin. Even spent hours peeling and pressing garlic, there will be no blisters on fingers. 

Silicone Garlic Peeler-  It is effortless to peel. Just put the garlic cloves inside the silicone, rub it around, and the magic begins! The garlic and its peel drift apart and are now ready to be smashed with the garlic press.

Garlic Scraper-  After smashing the garlic hard, there is no touching the minced garlic. Use the garlic scraper to transfer it to a plate or directly to a cooking pot. It is just easy and simple.

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